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👾 Good news!👾

After bending down for google, they finally removed the stupid "Harmful software" warning from google's 'safe browsing' which is used by pretty much all mainstream browsers out there.

We did have to create a google account, verify ownership of the domain (meaning connect that account with and beg for forgiveness because of one public share link google did not like. There was no other way to do it which only shows how big players abuse their power.

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it would certainly help if we had proper PKI these days :bunhdlurk:

signing a txt record and then putting a signed statement affirming the key in something like would go a long way.
This time they wanted TXT record. But its just ridiculous that bcause of one reported URL, instead of for example contacxting us totake it down, we need to jump through hoops for them. And not only that. If we could just send them an email, but they require us to open account with them. It's just such a power play on their side.