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Filtered word: nsfw

Filtered word: nsfw

Opinions on ? It currently misidentifies as a mastodon instance and doesn't index. I think it can give the site some visibility.
I had seen that a while back, but thought it was mostly for Mastodon servers. At least all the Friendica servers I've looked up there are listed as Mastodon. I'll try to get in touch with the maintainer and see. Thanks.
Blocked domain Reason for the block
* Links to QAnon
Is there any other reason beyond that for blocking that domain? That instance is insular, and I don't think anyone follows it. (I joined the instance because it initially wasn't blocking anything.)
We aim to take a generally hands-off approach to moderation. However, there are a few categories that will not be tolerated. I know it's a little hard to find, but there is an About page which states that Sendero Social has "no tolerance for spreading hate, harassment, spam, or willful disinformation." QAnon falls pretty squarely into disinformation.

If there is a particular account on a blocked instance you would like to follow, send a message to me or the Support account and we can take another look at the blocked instance. While we will try not to block too many instances, there should not be the expectation that will never block/defederate.
Ok I see. I mainly joined the #fediverse to get out of big tech's walled garden, but arbitrary fediblock or defederation falls in the same trap in its own way.

I don't follow Qanon stuff. AFAIK, there's still flat earth, healing crystals, and schizophrenics on Twitter and so forth that's open to commentary in its own way (like TempleOS).

* wasn't making much of a presence either way, so the fediblock seemed arbitrary.
Sendero Social has "no tolerance for spreading hate, harassment, spam, or willful disinformation."
I'm glad for the first 3 issues being avoided but I'm skeptical when the now popular buzzwords "disinformation" and even "fake news" are used to dismiss much; when does the censoring end once you start? Who has the right to decide? I would rather (if able) do my own censoring through the platform's functionality. The only reason for blanket blocking that I can see is to make it easier for a (possible) majority that don't want to see / might be offended by that information and turn against the platform / instance as a result. Perhaps a compromise would be for users to have the option in settings for either 'default blocking' (done by an instance/moderator), or manual blocking of the user's choice.

I want censorship/blocking to be my choice. This is, so far, still one of the perks, mostly, of being part of the fediverse; internet freedom.
Thanks for sharing your perspective. It’s helpful to know views of this from users on the instance. Will take into consideration.
Thanks for listening to us! Another (huge) bonus of being part of the fediverse 😀 ❤
I just checked directory to see what it's about. As far as I can tell, there are:
- two profiles talking about the US General Elections 2020
- someone talking about Spanish voice acting and voice overs
- the German version of the Antifa news bot
- several inactive profiles

As opposed to the site expressly dedicated to Qanon. (I checked it on Wikipedia and it just reads like a modern remix of the Illuminati/NWO.) Will you consider unblocking that instance?
At this time, we will not be unblocking the instance. Though it is not expressly dedicated to QAnon, the instance has accounts that promote QAnon content which has been labeled by some as a "militarized social movement" and has been linked to real-world harm; it spreads content with covid-denialism which leads to real-world harm; and it has links to US 2020 election voter-fraud conspiracies that contradict all available evidence and aim to sow division and doubt on the result.

We do try to take a fairly light-handed approach to moderation. And it's possible that this decision changes in the future, either due to a change in this instance's policies or due to a change in Friendica's features and capabilities. But for now this is the decision that seems best aligned with the online space we aim to provide here.
What type of block is applied (filter, silence, suspend), and what militarized social movements other than Qanon that will be blocked under this policy?

(Is the same applied to #Antifa and #BlackLivesMatter?)
Instances that spread content that incites violence, or disinformation that is linked to real-world harm, will likely be reviewed for inclusion on Sendero Social's server block list.
What type of block is applied though?
Friendica has a "server block list" tool. If more features get added to Friendica this could be refined, but this seems to be the tool currently available. From the help pages:
Server Blocklist
This page allows to block all communications (inbound and outbound) with a specific domain name. Each blocked domain entry requires a reason that will be displayed on the friendica page. Matching is exact, blocking a domain doesn't block subdomains.