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the best thing about friends who use fedi servers other than mastodon is when they find ways to do things that break mastodon
but then again there's @goat who just uses mastodon to break mastodon
I will bend this software in my gay hands
today with hands, tomorrow "there is no hellsite"
want to do something, but also don't want to do any of the things I can think of to do.
@Rionnal lmfao what is even going on here

i take it this is a standard type of thing that friendica just does?? and mastodon is completely and utterly fucking it up?
nope that's legit, it's putting the message at the top, then the "recycle" icon is what it uses to indicate it's a boost/quote and then it puts the handle of the OP and the text of the quoted post

it's not a great way of doing it but it's not broken formatting
yeah it's just that, given the way masto is forced to display it, it makes NO intuitive sense lmao
well point of interest, the original post by likho did *not* send me a notification.
also, side note, what?
Makes me question every boost I ever gave lol
Unfortunately I understand the tech much less than you all, so I can provide no reassurance.
if you want, i can dig into the friendica boost code and see how the non-quote versions work
You can if you want. I think some fediverse shenanigans are inevitable.
i got curious and did and it looks like friendica doesn't actually have boosts, it only has quote-reposts which don't function anything like. its implementation of ActivityPub isn't that great, so I'm not really surprised

it looks like fixing that has been on the table for over a year now
it's actually not masto this time, that's just how it's sending the info, and then it has some sort of custom parser on its own front-end to make it look nice
as much as i like shitting on masto being a picky twat, it's not masto this time lmao

that's the actual text that's being federated out, it looks the same here on misskey as for you. i think it just has custom parsing on the friendica front-end to make it look good to friendica, specifically
ohhhhh okay

i misunderstood which end was doing what formatting
That doesn't look bad actually. It's a comment+reshare as a reply. It gets real broken on #Pleroma.