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imagine how much happier we'd all be if advertising were just illegal
in before century of wars and lawsuits over mostly malicious accusations that the enemy's communications are "advertising"
The bad is that too many things might qualify as advertising, "I made this thing and I want to show it to you / people". I think advertising got as bad as it did when tracking and analytics were added. Otherwise, a plain image banner isn't doing much harm.
A: I'd rather specifically go to places to find new things than have them shown to me involuntary; B: acting like the mechanisms of capitalism work the same for individuals as they do for corporations and capital-holders is wrong and dangerous; me making a thing and talking about it is not the same as the multi-billion-dollar advertising industry. we all need to stop acting like corporations and owners of capital operate on the same axis as ordinary people.
A: Sure
B: Businesses operate at different levels, from individuals to the fat cats. Realistically, I imagine if the regulations change by the scale of operations, the big corporations would do whatever it takes to recategorize themselves. No idea how you'd implement that legally without loopholes being abused, but okay if you happen to make it doable.