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Since 1992, the US has had 7 elections. The Republican candidate has won the popular vote just once. Yet Republican presidents have filled 4 of the last 8 Supreme Court seats, including blocking an Obama nominee to be filled by Trump (yet another Republican who lost the popular vote). This has created a court that frequently runs counter to the conscience of the American people.

If Republicans moved on a vacancy this close to an election, especially after blocking Merrick Garland, you would be hard-pressed to convince me that the next Democratic president should not add 2 or more liberal justices to the bench.
A GOP move like this would be so infuriating. Eleven sounds like a perfectly good number to me.
But bigger picture, the whole process needs to be reformed. And that's just one part that I found so exciting about Mayor Pete's campaign, that he endorsed the "5-5-5" plan to have five each of: democrats, republicans, and jointly selected justices on the Court.