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Big Tech

Imagine if there was an alternative social media platform with great privacy policies and strong protocols to handle misinformation/election interference, but you could still use it to connect with your Facebook friends.

Imagine if you didn’t like the way Amazon exploits its workers, but finding an alternative didn’t mean finding a new web marketplace, grocery store, AND streaming platform.

Imagine if you weren’t thrilled with your iPhone, but there was a great app in the App Store that let you make an easy transition to a new phone.

Imagine if you suspected Google’s search algorithm was favoring certain sites, but you had several other options to try.

Imagine a government that wasn’t beholden to the preferences of a few billionaires with a lot of clout (read: 💰).

If these are all things you’ve thought about, I suggest checking out the hearings on Capitol Hill today! Could have big implications for the future of big tech and its role in our lives.
So well put!! That sure sounds like a future worth striving for