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It would be great if #pixelfed had a public timeline that at least included posts from other instances so we would not have to all congregate on the one instance to find any interraction/friends.
Is there anywhere I can bring this up? Is it possible / hard to implement? I'd like to help but don't know anything about coding. I'd be happy to donate a small monthly amount to help (which I may do anyway), or do any kind of testing with accounts.
You can try @'ing the account pixelfed has or opening a feature request on their git repository. The hashtag has limited visibility if you have few followers afaik.
yes mentioning would have been better than the hashtag, thanks for the help / info on the limited reach of the hashtag, still working these things out. (also, what is 'afaik'?)
I believe it is planned to develop many more discovery features. I think it is just taking time. In general, the best place to see what issues/features have been requested and to request more is their github repository:
If you want to support monetarily, there is a section at the bottom of their website with some options ( I believe the best choice would be to support @dansup on Patreon or the PixelFed project on OpenCollective.
Thank you for the tips, I've had a quick look around at the github of pixelfed... do I need an account there to make a suggestion?
I've found dansup on patreon, just got to work out which creators I am donating to before deciding on an amount. Do you have costs associated with running this instance / do you have a patreon?
Running this instance has been pretty inexpensive so far, no worries 😀
I think you do need to make a github account to open issue tickets. Alternatively, you can just post recommendations on the Fediverse, I find people often respond that way too. But github would be the more official tracking of open and closed issue requests.