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I get this outlet has a history against the Chinese government. It's still funny how consistently they call #COVID19 the CCP Virus. XD
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And they expect us to believe rigging the election isnt something they would do.
@RiggedSys It's not only something they would do. The democrats have been doing it for decades. I wouldn't be surprised if we have had a fair election once in over 50 years.
Not sure I'd call Epoch Times anything other than right-wing and on the fringes.
Most reporting on Donald Trump is polarized. It's not really something I can do about.

Content warning: US Politics

My trust in news media (or most things) tends to decrease the more corporate it is. The case hasn't changed for politics and Trump.
That's fair, though as far as quality is concerned you can do a lot better than a church newsletter.
I don't have a strong idea of what Falun Gong is, or if they hold "church sessions". I'd much rather prefer news reporting being dominated by nonprofits or NFPs (plenty of quality from non-corporate culture).
Misinformed, you are.

The far-Right is raging at Trump for not helping out "muh huwhites."

The Left-Right is mad at Trump for not being a Buckleyite cuck neoconservative.

The middle Right and realist moderates support Trump, as well as many defectors from the Democratic Party.