which of these would you sooner fight, and why
an amazon box with human arms and legs. indefatigable and indestructible; a truly relentless opponent
two orange hazmats suits with enormously inflated arms naruto running towards the camera, the shadowy shapes of people barely visible thru the masks. they are coming, and mercy will not be shown nor asked for
a noisy night photograph of a white, spindly creature with a wide head riding on a boar thru some woods. a knight of the night on a fierce steed
a humanoid creature seemingly composed entirely of brass instruments, with only human hands and feet visible, holding a tuba like a cannon. it menaces with horns of metal
I would fight the box and finally get my revenge.
I have defeated countless Haz-Men. They are nothing to me.

The Brass Knight was once a brave and honorable warrior. An ally. It pains me to see him here.

Until now I thought the Pale Rider of the Forest was a myth. A fairytale meant to scare children away from the woods at night. I have no quarrel with it, but if it intends to stop me...
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Likho friendica
I had the idea to commission artwork, but I don't really know any artists that use the same #cryptocurrency I do.


tinfoil_hat pleroma (AP)
Hi, I’ve setup a new #peertube instance it is planned as Invite only for now

Just trying to see anime Nazi tiddies, and all I get is nerd shit programming on the timeline.
the problem with nazi tiddies is that you can nazi them.
You're going to get gassed for that.

Likho friendica
I reached 7K pageviews on #neocities :D

Likho friendica
The only good argument against ID voting is that voting is gay, and our leaders should be decided via trial by combat.

Urusan mastodon (AP)
What sci-fi prediction are you very confident about in the next 50 years?

That is, if you brought up the idea today, people would say it's sci-fi, but you have high confidence it will become a reality.
@Urusan A definiteily-more-than-a-mere-handful number of people older than 120 years old.
Major Dog mastodon (AP)
Maybe a manned mission to Mars (with the intention of surviving for a few days or weeks).

Perhaps tourism-based space tours. Basically privately owned spacecruises that take you on a trip around the Earth or moon.

As others said, controlling computers entirely with your mind or advanced cybernetics.

Genetic modification to the extend of almost eliminating hereditary conditions in utero.

Likho friendica
Got a 50* error from this instance for the past few days
#friendica #Fediverse

Likho friendica
I like how conventional sharing was added to #friendica
Quote-shares could use carrying comments over.

Likho friendica
#google #vaccine #COVID19
So... did you apologize to your local conspiracy theorist yet?

So... did you apologize to your local conspiracy theorist yet?
γ€ŒVRISKA」 mastodon (AP)
looks to me like all this is is a change in guidelines for how these apps would be handled if they were made available. I'm sure you didn't mean to post potentially misleading information.
What misleading information?
What are you talking about?

Datenwolke mastodon (AP)
Astronauts use #Linux because you can't open #Windows in space.
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Antoine mastodon (AP)
Les deux derniers mots ne sont pas indispensables πŸ˜€

fsf mastodon (AP)
Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? We want to help you stand up for your rights! Sign and share our petition, and tell us about your school:
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Wolf480pl mastodon (AP)
tfw. at my school the students' council forced the faculty to use Zoom for teaching, even though there is a jitsi meet instance running on faculty servers...
I understand it πŸ˜₯ some times the ignorance let this situation happen, maybe the school buy many Zoom proprietary licenses, maybe only for the name, you know "Zoom, the magical video conference platform". and they don't wanted to look stupid for inverting in something that they already have, maybe that's the reason.

I know how it feels, in my school they have a BigBlueButton instance and they are forced to use Cisco Webex, maybe for the same reason πŸ€” .

Anyway you know what and why those programs are better o worse; so use this knowledge. some person don't know what is jitsi. be the best that you can be 😊
Likho friendica
Wish I knew about this petition sooner.

Likho friendica
Hello I am searching for someone to speak with in Korean and French, it's to study my Korean and have real feedback. And I will give you some as well

Please share πŸ™πŸ»
#french #korean

Likho friendica
je viens de voir passer des messages concernant #tipeee

savez vous si il existe le mΓͺme systΓ¨me en monnaie libre ? me semblait que @Liberapay le faisait Γ  un moment non?


Likho friendica
I put my work on a cryptocurrency market. Let's see if anyone checks it out.

#g1 #gchange #monnaielibre
scanlegentil mastodon (AP)
is there an epub version ?
Β‘ there it's !
It's not the official one but i works too. Remember that the document it's available under CC-by-sa 4.0

Likho friendica
Wow. Sorry for the late response. I tend to take breaks from social media. I rendered it in PDF because of the cover, and I haven't found a great epub reader.
scanlegentil mastodon (AP)
even a second hand hardware reader?
It's d'un to hack it.
Likho friendica
I meant just a software epub reader. I'm sure there are some around, just that nothing fits my tastes.

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Likho friendica
If you have myopia and everywhere is closed again, now is the perfect time to retrain your eyesight.
#endmyopia #invidious #COVID19
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Likho friendica
Still boycotting Vox Media though.
#journalism #news #bigmedia
A journalist explains why he dislikes the news.

YouTube: I'm a Journalist Who Hates The News (Johnny Harris)

Likho friendica
I get this outlet has a history against the Chinese government. It's still funny how consistently they call #COVID19 the CCP Virus. XD
#uspol #trump #bigmedia #election2020 #china
And they expect us to believe rigging the election isnt something they would do.
Likho friendica
Most reporting on Donald Trump is polarized. It's not really something I can do about.

Content warning: US Politics

Likho friendica
My trust in news media (or most things) tends to decrease the more corporate it is. The case hasn't changed for politics and Trump.
That's fair, though as far as quality is concerned you can do a lot better than a church newsletter.
Likho friendica
I don't have a strong idea of what Falun Gong is, or if they hold "church sessions". I'd much rather prefer news reporting being dominated by nonprofits or NFPs (plenty of quality from non-corporate culture).
Misinformed, you are.

The far-Right is raging at Trump for not helping out "muh huwhites."

The Left-Right is mad at Trump for not being a Buckleyite cuck neoconservative.

The middle Right and realist moderates support Trump, as well as many defectors from the Democratic Party.

Likho friendica
I'm collecting these. XD
#friendica #fediverse
Holy crap you guys I just saw a Friendica server! :ablobspin:
Friendica is utter antiquated in its design and implementation. It has a really primitive interface, and supports none of the more modern features that fedi offers. I don’t see its dev team catching up to Pleroma, Misskey or even Mastodon ever. Its basically off in the annuls of history with gnu/social.
Likho friendica
Oh that's weird. I picked Friendica (and GnuSocial) over Pleroma and Mastodon since profiles and timelines have tag clouds.

Likho friendica
#openscience for vaccines isn't a bad idea. Glad someone on #birdsite brought it up. ^^
@Open Science πŸ§ͺ
#twitter #vaccine
is this supposed to be some kind of own?

Likho friendica
Weird how #bigmedia and #bigtech complain about #Gab and #Parler but not the #fediverse.
"That has certainly happened on Gab, a social media site that has largely become a gathering place for extremists from neo-Nazis to the militia movement known as the Boogaloo Bois. Spurred on by founder and CEO Andrew Torba, who regularly posts conspiracy theories and shares posts from extremists, the site has gained a reputation as a repository of toxic content.”


Likho friendica
I'd like to congratulate journalists for joining the ranks of bankers, lawyers, and politicians as some of the least trustworthy people on earth.

Likho friendica
I don't even trust microsoft windows with a personal computer.
#bigtech #microsoft #votingmachine #election2020

Likho friendica
I'm seeing potential in #JustTheFluBro articles, but I'm not sure what.
#COVID19 #archive

Likho friendica
Street art in #Paris is weird these days.
#Debian #GNU/#Linux

Likho friendica
#google #bigtech #disroot
πŸ‘Ύ Good news!πŸ‘Ύ

After bending down for google, they finally removed the stupid "Harmful software" warning from google's 'safe browsing' which is used by pretty much all mainstream browsers out there.

We did have to create a google account, verify ownership of the domain (meaning connect that account with and beg for forgiveness because of one public share link google did not like. There was no other way to do it which only shows how big players abuse their power.

Likho friendica
Search function on #invidious seems broken lately (no results on searches).

Likho friendica
Browsing for small-medium instances on Wish #Mastodon and #Pleroma had a tag index on their public timelines (even GNUSocial had this), so I wouldn't have to dig through stuff I'm not interested in.
Added benefit: people actually using tags

Likho friendica
I forgot where I clicked this link from:

Surprised at the typesetting effort. Document format really beats a web article in my opinion (faster loading, no script blocker tinkering).

There's still ads in it, but it's not dynamic, targeted, or personalized.

#news #web
#web #news

Likho friendica
#introductions are de rigueur, so...

Hello friends and thank you for offering the service. Koyu Space seems a nice instance, and I have chosen it for my new account.

This one, which will be focused on my love and interest in Writing, Reading, and corresponding with interesting people from all over the world.

#Penpals are wonderful, and I am happy to have been using the #Slowly app to find interesting, intelligent and sensitive people all over the World to correspond with.

I am starting a new personal Blog, to post some of my own letters to friends, stripped of any personal information to protect their privacy.

And I am also active in the Reddit sub for the Slowly app community, where there's a lot of good information and like minded people. πŸ˜ƒ

Hope to chat with anyone interested.
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