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Finally came up with a second chapter for 'Social Contagion'.
Slight mention and use of #left4dead. (But it's more about the current pandemic.)
#writing #Ao3 #VideoGames #fanfic

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Looking at one of my first #writing projects because I'm re-writing it. Was definitely struck with pure inspiration when I wrote it. But there also so much I would discard or revise entirely.

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Can ya'll just STOP using Electron? It makes your app not good to install (Seriously? a 275MB GitHub client?)

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Hi !

Maybe it is a mistake of the RTM translation, but currencies with a finite monetary mass are no debt currencies, they are just non-libre currencies.

- they are issued by a small group of humans: miners, founders of the currency, etc. This doesn't respect the spatial symmetry principle.

- as time passes, the currency becomes always less available for users (be it because of owners greed or because of units loss). This is contrary to the time symmetry principle.
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"debt" currencies refer to currencies for which units are issued through credit, such as euros, dollars, etc. They are one type of non-libre currencies.

All non-libre currencies lead to inequalities, and eventually structural crisis of the currency system.
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Okay. I see. I was referencing this chapter when I was writing the blog.

The book doesn't yet have a glossary for a quick reference of definitions. So in the example, Bitcoin wouldn't necessarily be a debt currency, in an abstract use of the term. But it would share the characteristics and consequences of temporal and spatial asymmetry with debt-currencies?
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BTC issuance is based on the imaginary model of rare metals : easy to issue in the beginning, more difficult to find with time, and with a fixed quantity.

We know for sure that rare metals currencies lead to crisis, take 1929 for example, while having been extracted and used as currencies since 3000+ years. BTC extraction is reduced to 150 years, no surprise it will go through structural crisis due to issuance model (not even considering the energy consumption).
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To me, debt currency is _better_ than fixed monetary mass like BTC or gold : at least, _some_ humans can decide to create more money when the new generation needs it.

The problem is that only _some_ humans can decide it. They decide what are the main values for this generation. With libre currency, _all_ members create the currency at the same rate and can decide what is value and what is not.
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Blog has a small update now thanks to some clarifying ITT.

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Played "Resident Evil 3 Nemesis" as a Left 4 Dead 2 custom campaign. Surprising amount of effort was put into the map.

#peertube #videogames #left4dead

Are there any PC gaming channels or tags on #peertube?
#askfedi #fediverse #videogames

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Does anyone have FOSS zombie shooting #VideoGames to recommend?
#freeculture #freesoftware #askfedi

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my gpu spikes really hard when watching youtube on a browser for some reason since a couple of weeks, but if I just watch through mpv it plays just fine

browsers were a mistake
orekix pleroma (AP)
Win + R
mpv.exe https://mylink
r pleroma (AP)

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RL stuff:
this #lake is called Traunsee, a beautiful place in #Austria. it was the final destination of today's hiking trip. look at that majestic #swan :))
#nature #mountains
photo of a white swan swimming in a lake, with mountains in the background.

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detail from "frank wwIII". #drawing #mastoart

more #gouache work.
I really like my new thicker sketchbook. Now I can do bigger formats without too much paper warping.

I hope you like it.

#art #mastoart #traditionalart

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Rejected by the cold earth and unable to die, the necromancer's refuse came back writhing, crawling, and angry.

#tweetcart #pico8 #generative #PixelArt

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for y=0,s do
if(pget(x,y)>0and r(9)<2)pset(x-1+r(3),y-1+r(3),max(3-r(5)))
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h*=2o(44,75-h,84,75+h)flip()goto _

Hi everyone, I have been in another instance on the fediverse for some time but I think that I will be more comfortable here, so I moved in.

I am an engineer with passion for #computers, #programming who is always learning something. I like #freeculture, #freesoftware and #freehardware.

I like to repair and assemble computers, then I install on them #GNULinux and give them away to family and friends.

Glad to be in the fediverse!


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Updating the backpage of Mnemosyne's Heretic. It used to have a Monero address for donations, but the new page will have Ğ1 instead. This is how it looks so far. Not sure if I should do more or keep it simple.

#monnaielibre #writing #zines #freeculture

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University banned from kernel development after professor and students repeatedly intentionally introduce security vulnerabilities into the Linux kernel.

Then they pull the inclusivity card when they're called out on it.

If you were wondering why Microsoft and all the rest are *really* big on Codes of Conduct and other shit that enables this sort of attack....
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CIA niggers doing their thing again, @Terry
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whenever i ask a twitter user if i should remake they always tell me "no it sucks" despite themselves being actively on there all the time
infinite love ⴳ mastodon (AP)
is this addiction
in the years before i quit fb i used it for a lot of connections that were much harder to maintain elsewhere

i lost a lot of them when i finally quit fb

i wouldn't have lost them if i'd quit fb many years earlier

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I'm setting this as a writing challenge to myself, but y'all are welcome to join in if you like. 27 prompts. Use them for flash fiction, microfiction, or whatever else you feel like. And have fun!

Plain text version of the prompts list is available here:
hashtag 27 days 27 stories – Flash fiction writing challenge. This is a graphic prompt and I'm afraid I don't have enough characters to write out everything here. Details in plain text format are available in the link attached to this post!
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Prompts look real fun to participate in, but nothing really comes to mind yet when looking at these.

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I feel like I'm the only one who thinks "crypto art NFTs" are pointless.
Naaaah , it's a way to make more money, you win an NFT and happiness, and me who sell it, earn more money than I was able to earn by only selling it

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I found the illustrator for #ainokusabi on twitter. I had to look a lot harder than I normally do. (The first result was another and way more networked artist.)

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People are talking about #cryptocurrency, so I guess I'll talk about mine: the wallet has an avatar and pseudonym feature (outside of the blockchain). I also use a vanity address.
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I was tinking, what do you think about promote the adoption of Ğ1 instead of create a new Currency ?
Likho friendica
With the former you won't have to worry about branding and making a catchy name, but the WOT distance rule only goes so far. I live far from France as well, but I still try to participate on ğchange.

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I don't get why these people do this shit on facebook.
buttered_poasties pleroma (AP)
there was nothing legitimately objectionable about anything that was said by anyone. state persecution of free speech is all it is.
Terry pleroma (AP)
the racist stuff could potentially get them in trouble because they're talking about someone in their chain of command but everything else wouldn't necessarily be punishable under the UCMJ

which of these would you sooner fight, and why
an amazon box with human arms and legs. indefatigable and indestructible; a truly relentless opponent
two orange hazmats suits with enormously inflated arms naruto running towards the camera, the shadowy shapes of people barely visible thru the masks. they are coming, and mercy will not be shown nor asked for
a noisy night photograph of a white, spindly creature with a wide head riding on a boar thru some woods. a knight of the night on a fierce steed
a humanoid creature seemingly composed entirely of brass instruments, with only human hands and feet visible, holding a tuba like a cannon. it menaces with horns of metal
id fight the level 20 bard because they've got tiny weak ankles.
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amazon box frog 100%. i would crush it. simple, the rest are scary.

People gathered around lava, Iceland.
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Hi, I’ve setup a new #peertube instance it is planned as Invite only for now

Just trying to see anime Nazi tiddies, and all I get is nerd shit programming on the timeline.
the problem with nazi tiddies is that you can nazi them.
You're going to get gassed for that.

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I reached 7K pageviews on #neocities :D

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The only good argument against ID voting is that voting is gay, and our leaders should be decided via trial by combat.

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What sci-fi prediction are you very confident about in the next 50 years?

That is, if you brought up the idea today, people would say it's sci-fi, but you have high confidence it will become a reality.
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Urusan A definiteily-more-than-a-mere-handful number of people older than 120 years old.
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Maybe a manned mission to Mars (with the intention of surviving for a few days or weeks).

Perhaps tourism-based space tours. Basically privately owned spacecruises that take you on a trip around the Earth or moon.

As others said, controlling computers entirely with your mind or advanced cybernetics.

Genetic modification to the extend of almost eliminating hereditary conditions in utero.

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Got a 50* error from this instance for the past few days
#friendica #Fediverse

Likho friendica
I like how conventional sharing was added to #friendica
Quote-shares could use carrying comments over.

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#google #vaccine #COVID19
So... did you apologize to your local conspiracy theorist yet?

So... did you apologize to your local conspiracy theorist yet?
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looks to me like all this is is a change in guidelines for how these apps would be handled if they were made available. I'm sure you didn't mean to post potentially misleading information.
What misleading information?
What are you talking about?

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Astronauts use #Linux because you can't open #Windows in space.
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Les deux derniers mots ne sont pas indispensables 😀

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Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? We want to help you stand up for your rights! Sign and share our petition, and tell us about your school:
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tfw. at my school the students' council forced the faculty to use Zoom for teaching, even though there is a jitsi meet instance running on faculty servers...
I understand it 😥 some times the ignorance let this situation happen, maybe the school buy many Zoom proprietary licenses, maybe only for the name, you know "Zoom, the magical video conference platform". and they don't wanted to look stupid for inverting in something that they already have, maybe that's the reason.

I know how it feels, in my school they have a BigBlueButton instance and they are forced to use Cisco Webex, maybe for the same reason 🤔 .

Anyway you know what and why those programs are better o worse; so use this knowledge. some person don't know what is jitsi. be the best that you can be 😊
Likho friendica
Wish I knew about this petition sooner.
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