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Finally came up with a second chapter for 'Social Contagion'.
Slight mention and use of #left4dead. (But it's more about the current pandemic.)
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Got a 50* error from this instance for the past few days
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I'm collecting these. XD
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Holy crap you guys I just saw a Friendica server! :ablobspin:
Friendica is utter antiquated in its design and implementation. It has a really primitive interface, and supports none of the more modern features that fedi offers. I don’t see its dev team catching up to Pleroma, Misskey or even Mastodon ever. Its basically off in the annuls of history with gnu/social.
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Oh that's weird. I picked Friendica (and GnuSocial) over Pleroma and Mastodon since profiles and timelines have tag clouds.

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Weird how #bigmedia and #bigtech complain about #Gab and #Parler but not the #fediverse.
"That has certainly happened on Gab, a social media site that has largely become a gathering place for extremists from neo-Nazis to the militia movement known as the Boogaloo Bois. Spurred on by founder and CEO Andrew Torba, who regularly posts conspiracy theories and shares posts from extremists, the site has gained a reputation as a repository of toxic content.”


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Browsing for small-medium instances on Wish #Mastodon and #Pleroma had a tag index on their public timelines (even GNUSocial had this), so I wouldn't have to dig through stuff I'm not interested in.
Added benefit: people actually using tags

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More people on the #fediverse use CWs or spoilers than they use tags.

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If you had internet in the 90s and early 2000s, you know what the web was like before #bigtech formed. As always, #disinfo and fringe stuff existed like psi, crystal healing, Big Foot, Area 51, Illuminati, Time Cube. But what happened was nutjobs like Gene Ray got on TV or invited to universities for comedic purposes. A #videogame, based on several conspiracy theories, was even made (Deus Ex). We were free to entertain the thought and compare fictional events with current ongoings, without getting blocked, banned, or algorithmically ostracized.

No one appointed themselves as fact-checkers, curators of information, or the ministries of truth like they do now. Anyone who tries to do so is as human as others and prone to natural cognitive biases no matter how many degrees they earned, how many millions they have to their net worth, or how many followers they have. If you try telling me an AI-based solution is in the works, whatever the AI will do can be reviewed by humans before publishing, retracted and/or denied by nontransparent organizations whose sole existence may only be for profit.

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mystik pleroma (AP)
Back then I got access to an obscure Illuminati website. I found names, documents, books, everything. It was before the whole meme blew out.

Believe me, it's no theory. Satanists rule this world.
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Well I hope you don't get fediblocked or banned. The list of things some admins ban for is growing (including conspiracy theories), and it's making a garden more walled than Twitter.

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This feels good 😀 I will continue to post pictures. But from now on they'll be on the #fediverse. At

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I wish the network timeline had a tag cloud like the community timelines do. That way I can still check on other topics without politics floating to the top.

Though, hardly anyone on the #fediverse seems to use tags.

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Hi 😀 this is another intro by me. I've been jumping around the #fediverse trying different platforms. For now I'm feeling comfortable with this Friendica account and my Pixelfed account.

A few random facts about me:
* I'm going vegetarian
* I've never been overseas (I live in Australia)
* I had my 3rd child at age 40
* I love making geometric art / patterns
* My partner is a truckie
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