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Finally came up with a second chapter for 'Social Contagion'.
Slight mention and use of #left4dead. (But it's more about the current pandemic.)
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Got a 50* error from this instance for the past few days
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I like how conventional sharing was added to #friendica
Quote-shares could use carrying comments over.

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I'm collecting these. XD
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Holy crap you guys I just saw a Friendica server! :ablobspin:
Friendica is utter antiquated in its design and implementation. It has a really primitive interface, and supports none of the more modern features that fedi offers. I don’t see its dev team catching up to Pleroma, Misskey or even Mastodon ever. Its basically off in the annuls of history with gnu/social.
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Oh that's weird. I picked Friendica (and GnuSocial) over Pleroma and Mastodon since profiles and timelines have tag clouds.

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I wish the network timeline had a tag cloud like the community timelines do. That way I can still check on other topics without politics floating to the top.

Though, hardly anyone on the #fediverse seems to use tags.

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