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Finally came up with a second chapter for 'Social Contagion'.
Slight mention and use of #left4dead. (But it's more about the current pandemic.)
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Does anyone have FOSS zombie shooting #VideoGames to recommend?
#freeculture #freesoftware #askfedi

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Lutris looks kinda neat these days

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>GIMP The parallels between what GIMP can do and what I really really wish I could do in minetest are overwhelming.

E.g. be able to have “layers” of a build to make visible and invisible at will, or to be able to shift a “cutout” of a layer with an alpha channel (like a building) to different places on a landscape without altering the landscape.

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Gonna play among us with the username "TRUMP WON" so that I can play hardmode

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I wrote for this zine. It's easy to guess which part I wrote.
Available as a free download on my site:

It's 32 pages (10,200 words).

#creativecommons #zine #videogames #foss #cryptocurrency #torrent #writing

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