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Finally came up with a second chapter for 'Social Contagion'.
Slight mention and use of #left4dead. (But it's more about the current pandemic.)
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Looking at one of my first #writing projects because I'm re-writing it. Was definitely struck with pure inspiration when I wrote it. But there also so much I would discard or revise entirely.

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Hi !

Maybe it is a mistake of the RTM translation, but currencies with a finite monetary mass are no debt currencies, they are just non-libre currencies.

- they are issued by a small group of humans: miners, founders of the currency, etc. This doesn't respect the spatial symmetry principle.

- as time passes, the currency becomes always less available for users (be it because of owners greed or because of units loss). This is contrary to the time symmetry principle.
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"debt" currencies refer to currencies for which units are issued through credit, such as euros, dollars, etc. They are one type of non-libre currencies.

All non-libre currencies lead to inequalities, and eventually structural crisis of the currency system.
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Okay. I see. I was referencing this chapter when I was writing the blog.

The book doesn't yet have a glossary for a quick reference of definitions. So in the example, Bitcoin wouldn't necessarily be a debt currency, in an abstract use of the term. But it would share the characteristics and consequences of temporal and spatial asymmetry with debt-currencies?
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BTC issuance is based on the imaginary model of rare metals : easy to issue in the beginning, more difficult to find with time, and with a fixed quantity.

We know for sure that rare metals currencies lead to crisis, take 1929 for example, while having been extracted and used as currencies since 3000+ years. BTC extraction is reduced to 150 years, no surprise it will go through structural crisis due to issuance model (not even considering the energy consumption).
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To me, debt currency is _better_ than fixed monetary mass like BTC or gold : at least, _some_ humans can decide to create more money when the new generation needs it.

The problem is that only _some_ humans can decide it. They decide what are the main values for this generation. With libre currency, _all_ members create the currency at the same rate and can decide what is value and what is not.
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Blog has a small update now thanks to some clarifying ITT.

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Updating the backpage of Mnemosyne's Heretic. It used to have a Monero address for donations, but the new page will have Ğ1 instead. This is how it looks so far. Not sure if I should do more or keep it simple.

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Going to give myself a challenge: write at least one short story per month. A bit hard that politics is still a hot topic, floating to the top of my tl.

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Want to re-do an old short story I wrote, but I'm not feeling the flow for it.


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Erotic, romantic, or political fiction seems extremely popular. The last I rather not touch, but the first two are tempting sometimes.

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Skinless is now #ccbysa / #freeculture
Also extended by 500 words from the original post.

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"Damn it, youtube-dl got taken off Github!" I shook my fist at the screen.

"Wow, dude, chill. Just open the video normally and use Audacity to record the audio."

Breaking News: 'Audacity' Removed from GitHub

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Based on:

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Wrote for #kinktober2020 - the weird thing is that I wrote silly #genfic

It's #fanfic but you don't have to know about the fandom. It's more about smartphones and surveillance. ^^

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Woo! 300 hits! None of my other genfics (that isn't the start of a series) reached 200 views.

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I printed the first existent physical copy of my short story. 😁

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Finished my short story, but the editing almost never stops.
5,100 words long (~200 twitter posts)

Free download on my site, or you can read the HTML version. If you find any errors, point them out and I'll fix. Shares & boosts appreciated. Also open for critique.

#creativecommons #freeculture #ccbysa #writing #scifi #zine
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