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Welcome to Sendero Social Support

This forum page can be used to raise any issues for support on Sendero Social. If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions, free free to post them here.
What type of block is applied though?
Friendica has a "server block list" tool. If more features get added to Friendica this could be refined, but this seems to be the tool currently available. From the help pages:
Server Blocklist
This page allows to block all communications (inbound and outbound) with a specific domain name. Each blocked domain entry requires a reason that will be displayed on the friendica page. Matching is exact, blocking a domain doesn't block subdomains.

Sendero Social User Tips: RSS Feeds

With Wordpress and Substack, blogs might be making a comeback. You can use Friendica to easily follow any blog using RSS feeds, including from blogs and news sites.

Most Substack and Wordpress sites have an RSS feed URL, which will have the form:
Or for Wordpress powered sites:

Copy and paste this URL into the search box on Sendero Social, and then click "Follow." You will now see content from the blog appear in your feed!